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Garden and Landscape Design Tips: playing with proportions...pinstripe ...


pinstripe v rugby shirt ............. or ............. playing with proportions

Have you noticed how the city gent always wears vertical stripes? The stripes emphasise his height and make him look slimmer. The rugby player in contrast wants to look broad and powerfully built. Horizontal stripes emphasise his width.

The same is true with gardens. A long narrow garden will look even longer and narrower if paths, beds, fences or paving patterns are laid along it's length. It will look broader if it is broken by lines going horizontally across our line of view.

In the photo above the area of yorkstone has been broken up by a stone trim. The trim is designed to emphasise the vista and encourage movement to the front door whilst distracting from the kitchen door which can be glimpsed on the left. The horizontals slow the movement down and increase the width of the space.