Jonathan ford landscape architect

Landscape and Garden Design Tips: Adding Value

Well chosen capital projects can more than cover their costs. But this is not always the case. In extreme cases a wonderful garden will actually make a property less saleable because of the costs of maintaining it. A couple of projects come to mind:

Refurbishment of garden and paddocks (Cost of landscape works £250,000). A new drive and forecourt changed the property from a working livery with converted grooms cottages into a small country estate with ten acres of parkland with rural views. Savills were invited to advise on the impact of the landscape and garden works on the value of the property before and after the work was done. Their conclusion was that the work had paid for itself. Interestingly the £35,000 spent on refurbishing the garden added no value. The real benefits were in upgrading the approach and forecourt.

New garden for town house (Cost of landscape works £30,000). The garden is on higher ground on the edge of Oxford. The new design included removing two leylandii hedges, and opening up the views including those of Oxford's 'dreaming spires'. A local surveyor advised that this work had more than covered it's costs in terms of increasing the sale price of the property.

Of course value can be added in many different ways. Cost is only one of them.