Jonathan ford landscape architect

Landscape and Garden Design tips: Maintenance

Maintenance costs money and/or time. It can either be a burden or a pleasure. It's important to get the level of maintenance right:

One client with a 3 acre garden required very low maintenance. Decorative but high maintenance perennial planting was kept to a minimum and only used around the front courtyard and seating areas. Trees and shrubs require much less work. The lawns were designed to be mown by a tractor driven mower.

The town garden in the picture can be left for three months at a time with no maintenance except the watering of the containers. The garden has no grass.

Not everyone is looking to minimise maintenance. One client - a husband and wife team, both retired teachers - are very keen gardeners. They grow most of their plants from seed or cuttings themselves and spend most of their time in the garden which they love to share through the Yellow Book Scheme. Here there are whole garden rooms given to mixed borders and containers.